A very fun school assignment where I had to photograph 25 strangers with a distinct and noticeable theme. I was surprised that so many strangers agreed to have their photo taken by a stranger while eating a pre-cut lemon wedge. What is even more shocking is I only got turned down by the first three strangers. My initial approach was wrong: "Hi, my name is Joanna, do you have 5 minutes?" "Hi there, can you help me with a school assignment?" "Hi, can I bother you for a few minutes?"

I realized a more straightforward approach was the way to go:

Me: Hi, can I take a picture of you for a school assignment?
Stranger: Sure
Me: (smiling) But there's a catch. You gotta eat a lemon
Stranger #1: (laughs) Ok, no problem
Stranger #2: (laughs) Sure, I like lemons
Stranger #3: (nervous laughter) ...ok

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